Super Dave, part 3

Wicked Wendy was upset
At the fate her comrades met
At the hands of Super Dave and Daisy
Her anger was so risen
That she stormed to Stormhill Prison
To set all of her wicked friends free

The guards were easy to pass
She knocked them out with toxic gas
Then she opened up every last cell
Out walked Evil Evan and Dastardly Dan,
Followed closely by Sinister Stan,
Reuniting the Conniving Cartel!

The group retreated to Citadel Zero
To plot against our heroes
Who were resting on a well-deserved vacation
The Conniving Cartel
Did not wish them well
And planned an ambush to disrupt their situation

Poor Super Daisy and Dave, yea
There’s nobody to save ya
Super Daisy and Dave, yea
What will happen to our saviors?

The Conniving Cartel
Snuck into the Super Springwell
All of them strapped with cosmic shockwave guns
They each wore a plant disguise
And snuck up on all sides
Then jumped out and fired at once

While Super Dave’s heel was still healing
He had been honing his Davey feeling
He anticipated this ill-fated attack
The Cartel was firing at decoys
They were just life-sized toys
They were standing in the middle of a trap

You better bet
The Conniving Cartel was trapped in a net
Super Dave emerged and said,
“Don’t you see it never pays
To practice these wicked ways?
You should become super heroes instead!”

That’s part 3 of Super Dave, yea
Sometimes it’s brains that saves ya
The trilogy of Super Dave, yea
He’s a versatile savior

Part 3 of Super Dave
Oakland, California

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