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Journalism and Writing

Biden Promises Reform of His Punitive Drug Laws (Lucid News, 23 December 2020)

COVID Bonding: Parties, Dating, & Human Connection in a Pandemic (Lucid News, 12 September 2020)

Biden RAVE Act Legislation From 2003 Continues to Impede Risk Reduction Efforts (Lucid News, 29 April 2020)

Prescription Psychedelics are Almost Here—But Western Medicine Isn’t Ready.
A paradigm shift needs to happen as psychedelics go legal. PEACH—Psychedelic Education and Community Healing—is the path forward. (DoubleBlind, 9 December 2019)

The Ibogaine Conversation [Editor] (Psymposia, December 2017 – January 2018)

Ibogaine treatment comes with risks. We had a discussion about safety with medical providers. (Psymposia, 3 January 2018)

How has Western influence changed the traditional use of iboga in Gabon? We talked to a French guy living there. (Psymposia, 6 December 2017)

Crowdfunding Psychedelic Harm Reduction in the Czech Republic (Psymposia, 13 July 2017)

Dennis McKenna on his ethnopharmacology conference 50 years in the making (Psymposia, 5 June 2017)

The DEA Scheduling System is a Joke (Psymposia, 27 February 2017)

The Psychedelic Diversity Conversation [Editor] (Psymposia, November – December 2016)

The Servant Libertarian Manifesto: Consent, Choice, Compassion and Community (Laissez Faire, 8 October 2016)

How About a Positive Nicotine & Alcohol Story? (Psymposia, 17 August 2016)

Baltimore Uprising: The Untold Story (Psymposia, 27 June 2016)

Coming Out of the Psychedelic Closet conversation series [Editor] (Psymposia, May – July 2016)


Mike Margolies – Psychedelic Seminars: the Benefits, Risks, and Complexities of Psychedelics (Psychedelics Today, 5 February 2020)

Sharing our Psychedelic Stories (The Third Wave Podcast, 27 January 2017)

Cognitive Liberty, Psychedelics and the Drug War (Laissez Faire, 13 September 2016)

Shamans & Psychedelics, Ayahuasca In Peru (The Travelers Podcast, 24 April 2015)

Media Mentions

The Psychedelics Industry Could Offer a Whole New Approach to Work (Rolling Stone, 2 October 2021)

The Case for Macrodosing (Rolling Stone, 10 December 2020)

The Systemic Culture Problems of the Psychedelics Industry (Lucid News, 1 October 2020)

As Mind-Altering Drugs Meet The Mainstream, The D.C. Psychedelic Society Is Bringing The City’s ‘Trippy People’ Together (DCist, 11 June 2018)

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