What’s a psychedelic connector?

Mike Margolies is an event/media producer and connector in psychedelic science, drug policy reform, harm reduction, and blockchain.

Mike is Co-founder of CryptoPsychedelic, an event series bringing together leaders in blockchain and psychedelic science, and a partner of Psymposia, a leading educational platform for rethinking drugs, through live events and online media. Mike co-founded Psymposia Magazine, a free digital resource for investigative journalism, personal stories, and deep conversation series.

Mike has produced and participated in conferences, festivals, and events including Psychedelic Science (Oakland, California), Burning Man, Beyond Psychedelics (Prague, Czech Republic), Breaking Convention (London, England), Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics (New York City, NY), the initial CryptoPsychedelic Summit (Tulum, Mexico), and a cross-continent Psychedelic Stories tour.

A key aspect of Mike’s work is actively bridging people and organizations including MAPS (Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies), the Drug Policy Alliance, Students for Sensible Drug Policy, DanceSafe, and Psychedelic Societies around the world.

20141120 - Before and After

In a former life…

Mike used to be a good model citizen. He received a BS from the University of Maryland in chemical engineering, summa cum laude. He then worked as a chemical engineer at ExxonMobil for 5 years.

After an ayahuasca experience in Peru, he dropped out of corporate America and spent the next 15 months backpacking and living in India and Southeast Asia while hosting Walking the Earth Podcast.

After returning home to Baltimore, Mike founded Psychedelic Seminars, a speaker series and discussion group, which he has since helped to evolve into the Baltimore Psychedelic Society under new leadership. His work in Baltimore led him to grow his efforts to the global scale.

Above all, Mike is most interested in empowering others in the movement.

Mike remains a digital nomad, currently based in Oakland, CA.

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