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Interviewing Michael Pollan, June 2018

What’s a psychedelic community catalyst?

Since 2015, I’ve worked full-time in the psychedelic community, starting and contributing to a number of projects as an event and media producer, connector, and advisor.

You can check out highlights of my projects below and support my work via a monthly pledge to the Psychedelic Seminars Patreon.

I use my network and experience to consult for other projects in the psychedelic community. If you are interested to collaborate, send me a brief pitch at mike@mikemargolies.net


I’m the Founder of Psychedelic Seminars, an educational conversation series deepening awareness of the benefits, risks, and complexities of psychedelics.

On the PsychSems stage, I’ve interviewed a range of leaders including bestselling author Michael Pollan, Dr. James Fadiman and Ayelet Waldman on microdosing, and Johns Hopkins psychedelic research legend Bill Richards.

I started the project in 2015 after returning to my home city of Baltimore to build community for open and honest conversations about psychedelics — because that was what I needed.

The project now operates primarily out of the San Francisco Bay Area and livestreams globally.

I’m Co-Founder of the CryptoPsychedelic Summit. In February 2018, we brought together leaders in blockchain and psychedelic science for a unique weekend of cross-pollination in Tulum, Mexico.


I’m former Co-Director of Psymposia, a platform for rethinking drugs through live events and online media.

I co-founded Psymposia Magazine, a free online resource for investigative journalism, personal stories, and deep conversation series.

During my time with Psymposia, I hosted Psychedelics Stories events around the world, co-created our signature conversation series magazine format, and coordinated the #PsychedelicsBecause social media campaign.


Through my psychedelic community work in Baltimore, I seeded the Baltimore Psychedelic Society.

I’ve sparked and mentored similar Psychedelic Societies around the world from Washington DC to San Francisco to Portugal.

I also helped start the Global Psychedelic Network to connect them.

Walking the Earth-Banner

20141120 - Before and After

After dropping out of corporate America in 2013, I spent 15 months backpacking and living in India and Southeast Asia.

While on the road, I created and hosted Walking the Earth Podcast, interviewing a diverse array of backpackers and expats about their unconventional lives and experiences.

In a former life…

I used to be a good model citizen.

I received a BS from the University of Maryland in chemical engineering, summa cum laude. I worked as a chemical engineer for ExxonMobil for 5 years.

. . . And then I did ayahuasca.

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