Space Song

Hop into space
And say your goodbye
To that lovely place
You once knew as Pai
Take my advice
Cause I’m not gonna lie
You should strap in your seatbelt
Cause you’re ’bout to fly

To the tune of Pai Song
Chiang Mai, Thailand

20141101_183923Running back and forth
Trying to find a home
But it really doesn’t matter
Where you choose to roam
When you find your peace of mind
You see you’re already here
Sail on this crazy ship
But you don’t have to steer

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Because I Got High

I was gonna take a van back to Chiang Mai
I thought I had a solid plan to go to Chiang Mai
Now I’m stuck in Pai, and I know why
Because I got high, because I got high, because I got high

To the tune of the classic Afroman song
Pai, Thailand

What Happens in Pai…

When I left this place
I don’t know why
I’m trying my best
To be a nice guy
What I say is the truth
I’m not gonna lie
But what happens in Pai
Doesn’t come back to Chiang Mai

To the tune of Pai Song
Chiang Mai, Thailand, while planning a return trip to Pai

A passive struggle
A deep reflection
Rich encounters
Scattered attention

Paper planes
Shift our brains
Bring in the reigns
On your affection

Choose a goal
But let go of control
The Universe as a whole
Will see out your intention

Once you succeed,
Find a new need
Set off on your steed
In your newfound direction

Walk, then run
Leave, then stay
It’s never truly won
But a continuous sway

Follow the moment
See where it leads
“Be in the now”
Your better mind pleads

Homestay with hill tribe family outside of Sa Pa, Vietnam