Alone in a Forest

The forest is deep
It has many eyes
As I sit alone
I have no disguise

The prize that I reap
Is in my own mind
I can’t fake or clone
A peace of this kind

The path here is steep
It has many holes
But it sets the tone
For changing of roles

I came here by leap
That was essential
In order to hone
All my potential

Masinagudi, Tamil Nadu, India

Quiet Garden

Sitting in a quiet garden
There’s a bird that greets a soldier
Both are nameless in this garden
Though you hear them gently weeping

Walking in a busy city
There’s a man who greets his grandson
Both are happy in this moment
Though they mourn a mother sleeping

Flying in a dreamy landscape
There’s a heightened sense of meaning
Both your eyes are quickly dashing
Though the journey’s end is creeping

Traveling around these places
There’s a lesson each can offer
Both sides of your brain are churning
Though this reward’s not for reaping

Take it all in, take it gently
You are king, and there is plenty
Look too hard, you won’t find any
All the answers start with M E

Hampi, Karnataka, India

The sun shines upon an ant
The sun shines upon the sea
The sun shines upon you
The sun shines upon me

Hampi, Karnataka, India

A rock flies in space
The exact correct place
To blossom green life
And all of its strife

Hampi, Karnataka, India

Visionary Paintings

Visionary Painting

Visionary paintings
On all the walls
When you face a fear,
It tumbles and falls

Temples from the past
On the high hills
Take some time to notice
All of life’s thrills

Oh, it’s right on time
Oh, it’s right on time

Cannot cross the river
On the high tide
Just a little patience
Life is a ride

You can walk the world
On your own time
Rent a guitar
And write down a rhyme

Oh, it’s right on time
Oh, it’s right on time

It’s right on time
It’s right on time
It’s right on time

Hampi, Karnataka, India

Moses smoked his burning bush
Joseph’s coat sparked trippy dreams
Stories in the Bible
Are all metaphors it seems

Buddha and Muhammed
Also told people their dreams
Why do we pretend
That we’re all on different teams?

Hampi, Karnataka, India

Hampi Rooftop Lounge

20130928 - Hampi Rooftop Lounge

Laying in my lounge
A place that can be found
Right in front of you
When you’re searching all around

Laying in my lounge
Can you hear that sound?
It’s the sound of peace
When you hear it, you are crowned

Laying in my lounge
World spinning ‘round
One side is asleep
While the other side is bound

Where it can be found
Isn’t in a money scrounge
Where it can be found is
Laying in my lounge

Hampi, Karnataka, India