Give and Take

Don’t take it too fast
Don’t take it too slow
Don’t take it all the way
Don’t take the entire show

Take what you need
Give what you can
Don’t take on someone’s baggage
Don’t take that plea bargain

Don’t give up easy
Don’t give a hard time
Don’t give up someone else to
Get away with your own crime

Give your best effort
Take what you’ve earned
Don’t give those lame excuses
Don’t give up all you’ve learned

Give up your hangups
That give you doubt
Take stock of who you are
That part no one can take out

Take off your mind
Give it a break
And just be mindful
Of all you give and take

San Diego, California

Take It Over

Take it over
Throw the line
Listen gently
For the sign

Take it over
Let it all go
Submit completely
To the flow

Take it over
Burn the plan
Take a breath now
Til you understand

If you want to move fast
You must move slower
Did you really think that
You could take it over?

San Diego, California

Kings of the Ocean

Breathe it out
Toward the setting sun
The waves that crash
On the shore
Seep back to
The ocean deep

The tear I shed
Gets swallowed in
The ocean is
No saltier
How many tears
Has she swallowed this year
To the ocean

Tick tock
At peace but sad
Amazed but malaised
The times that we had
Slipped right away
Before I could say
I love you my brother

Ride the wave
Beyond the grave
Tides will shift
Spirits will lift
Bring to safe shores
The rafts adrift
Help us heal this…

The main event
This is it
The main event
Welcome to…

The ocean

In loving memory of Sean McCabe and Django Atkinson

San Diego, California and Rosarito, Mexico

Audio (published 9 Aug 2022):

When I find myself in a pandemic,
Dr. Bennet comes to me
With my favorite prescription,

And when I’m in a K-hole
It’s doesn’t frighten me
Because I’m sitting here with
Raqqy B

From Raqqy B
Who’s about
To turn 50
Happy birthday
To Raqqy B

For though we aren’t tubbing
In the year 2020,
At least we still have

Perhaps next year will be different
You’d know better than me
Because you’ve already
Seen 50

Raqqy B’s
Turning 50
We should party
With ketamine
Happy birthday
To Raqqy B

To the tune of Let It Be
Berkeley, California

Go fuck yourself

If you come at me like that
When you want me to help

Go fuck yourself

Maybe you’ll find
The love that you seek if you

Fuck yourself

Oakland, California

Ode to Shan

Oh Shan
Take my hand
And say
It’s ok

The world
Is burning
But I’m
Still yearning

It’s scarier
Than Freddie Kreuger
But I feel safe
When I’m with my cougar

Shan, you are
My favorite cougar
In our morning coffee
We don’t use sugar
It’s hard to rhyme
A word like cougar
But still I try
In this ode to ya

For this cougar
And happy birthday
Wishes to ya

Oakland, California

Rona Blues

I got the Rona blues
I got the Rona blues
I put on my shoes
I start singing some tunes
I got the Rona blues

I got a wildfire
You’re my heart’s desire
Everything’s wrong
But I’m still singing my song
I got a wildfire

I can’t breathe
Under your knee
I come up for air
But just inhale despair
I can’t breathe

Oakland, California

Restless waiting
I stop to listen
Silent music
Turning, spinning, dancing
It’s beating
A piece is missing
But I know where I put it
A lovely theater
It fits, but it’s broken
Is this a fantasy

Oakland, California

Email for Breakfast

I’m having E-mail for breakfast
With a side of hashtags
Read the morning newsfeed
And group threads on WhatsApp

In my morning cup of coffee
I leave room for Tweets
I gotta check on Slack
Before I brush my teeth

I put down my laptop
And pick up my phone
The screen tag masks feelings
Of being alone

Oh I’m having E-mail
For breakfast
No nutrients, just a screen as I
Sit on my ass

I’m having Tinder for breakfast
Cause I’m so alone
I swipe right to every face
I see on my phone

I feel the rush of dopamine
As I get a match
I set up a date to try to
Get some snatch

I’m with a real person
And it’s going well
I can’t believe you brought me back
To your hotel

Oh I’m having E-mail
For breakfast
No nutrients, just a screen as I
Sit on my ass

Time to change the story
I cuddle you close
We start the morning right
Before we put on our clothes

I whisper sweet nothings
Into your ear
Right now it’s feeling good
Just to be right here

Today will not be starting
With a screen on my lap
Today’s the day I start the day
By fucking you in the ass

I’m not having E-mail
For breakfast (Not today, no way)
Today I get my first nutrients
From your ass

I’m having anal for breakfast
With a side of hashbrowns
By hash browns, I mean hash browns
You sick fuck, calm down

And as we continue,
I add some more lube
By lube, I mean lube
The ride needs to be smooth

And then I toss your salad
For a balanced meal
By toss your salad, I mean
Eat your ass

I’m not having E-mail
For breakfast (Not today, no way)
Today I get my first nutrients
From your ass

The next week, you went home
And I felt sad
I got my old primary
Back on my lap

I’m back to the morning
Routine of my past
Since I am no longer
Eating that ass

I’m having E-mail for breakfast
On my laptop and phone
The screen tag masks feelings
Of being alone

Oakland, California and New York, New York

Super Dave, part 3

Wicked Wendy was upset
At the fate her comrades met
At the hands of Super Dave and Daisy
Her anger was so risen
That she stormed to Stormhill Prison
To set all of her wicked friends free

The guards were easy to pass
She knocked them out with toxic gas
Then she opened up every last cell
Out walked Evil Evan and Dastardly Dan,
Followed closely by Sinister Stan,
Reuniting the Conniving Cartel!

The group retreated to Citadel Zero
To plot against our heroes
Who were resting on a well-deserved vacation
The Conniving Cartel
Did not wish them well
And planned an ambush to disrupt their situation

Poor Super Daisy and Dave, yea
There’s nobody to save ya
Super Daisy and Dave, yea
What will happen to our saviors?

The Conniving Cartel
Snuck into the Super Springwell
All of them strapped with cosmic shockwave guns
They each wore a plant disguise
And snuck up on all sides
Then jumped out and fired at once

While Super Dave’s heel was still healing
He had been honing his Davey feeling
He anticipated this ill-fated attack
The Cartel was firing at decoys
They were just life-sized toys
They were standing in the middle of a trap

You better bet
The Conniving Cartel was trapped in a net
Super Dave emerged and said,
“Don’t you see it never pays
To practice these wicked ways?
You should become super heroes instead!”

That’s part 3 of Super Dave, yea
Sometimes it’s brains that saves ya
The trilogy of Super Dave, yea
He’s a versatile savior

Part 3 of Super Dave
Oakland, California