Kings of the Ocean

Breathe it out
Toward the setting sun
The waves that crash
On the shore
Seep back to
The ocean deep

The tear I shed
Gets swallowed in
The ocean is
No saltier
How many tears
Has she swallowed this year
To the ocean

Tick tock
At peace but sad
Amazed but malaised
The times that we had
Slipped right away
Before I could say
I love you my brother

Ride the wave
Beyond the grave
Tides will shift
Spirits will lift
Bring to safe shores
The rafts adrift
Help us heal this…

The main event
This is it
The main event
Welcome to…

The ocean

In loving memory of Sean McCabe and Django Atkinson

San Diego, California and Rosarito, Mexico

Audio (published 9 Aug 2022):

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