Super Dave, part 2

Evil Evan had a plan
Far more evil than Dastardly Dan
To take over all of the world
He schemed to block out the sun
And cast darkness on everyone
At his signal, it slowly unfurled

As the sunlight faded away
He knew Super Dave would try to save the day
But he had an evil plan for that too
The one weakness of Super Dave
Was a cosmic shockwave
And he had a cosmic gun to debut

As Super Dave drew nearer,
Evil Evan watched through his evil mirror
And prepared to confront his arch foe
He hid in a dark ditch
Near the sun-blocking switch
To ambush Super Dave from below

What will happen to Super Dave, yea?
Will he be able to save ya?
What will happen to Super Dave, yea?
When there’s a cosmic shockwave, yea?

As expected, Super Dave
Found Evil Evan’s evil cave
To restore the light from the sun
He found the right switch
But he didn’t see the ditch
Where Evil Evan sprung out with his gun

Evil Evan fired a shot
In fact, he fired quite a lot
And Super Dave attempted to jump free
One cosmic shockwave
Hit the heel of Super Dave
Our hero was dropped down to his knee

Evil Evan made an evil grin
And put his gun to Super Dave’s chin
And prepared for his final victory
But Super Daisy flew in
And subdued Evil Evan in a pin
Super Dave and the world were free!

That’s the sequel to Super Dave, yea
Sometimes he’s the one who’s saved, yea
Super Dave, yea
Super Daisy is his savior

Sequel to Super Dave
Baltimore, Maryland

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