I’m feeling stuck
I’m feeling stuck
What the fuck
I’m feeling stuck
Don’t know what to do
Guess I’ll start singing some tunes
Been feeling stuck

It’s like quicksand
Up to my thigh
I get more stuck
The harder I try
I reach out for
A helping hand
But all I grasp
Is more quicksand

I got a wildfire
I got a wildfire
You’re my heart’s desire
I got a wildfire
Everything’s wrong
But I’m still singing my song
I got a wildfire

I can’t breathe
I can’t breathe
Under your knee
I can’t breathe
I come up for air
But just inhale despair
I can’t breathe

Oh let me go
Said let me go
I want to flow
Let me go
I step outside
I’m not gonna hide
Then I let go

Rewrite combining Quicksand (original) and Rona Blues
Berkeley, California

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