Mr. Lemoncello

Mr. Lemoncello
Was a kitty professor
He showed up to class
All dressed in leather
The lessons that he taught
Were impossible to learn
They were absurd
They had no words

Because he’s half lemon
And he’s half cat
Just try you to imagine that
He pukes hairballs when he’s whipped
He puckers when he meows
When his students get too rowdy
He seeps citrus from his bowels

How did Mr. Lemoncello come to be?
Well I’ll tell you the story
Listen carefully
Mr. Lemoncello’s mother was
A cat who liked to sub
One day was was tied up
Onto a lemon shrub

A lemon was squeezed
In between her kitty thighs
A seed also fell in
And led to a surprise
A few months later
She popped out a special fellow
This half-feline she named
Mr. Lemoncello

Written with April “Peep” Shippen
Oakland, California

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