Pai Song (Reprise)

I met a nice girl
She said, “Sabai dee mai?”
After a pause
I gave my reply
I looked at her
Right dead straight in the eye
And that’s when I said to her,
“Sabai sabai”

And now I’ve found myself
Stuck in Chiang Mai
I cannot escape
As hard as I try
What do I do?
Oh my my
I guess I’m heading
Back to Pai…

Chiang Mai, Thailand, 25 Apr 2014 

Reprise 2:

Hop in the train
And say your goodbye
To this lovely place
Known as Chiang Mai
But it’s ok
If you let out a cry
Because you’re headed…
To Bangkok.

Train from Chiang Mai to Bangkok, 11 May 2014

Original verses:

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