Walking the Earth

Walking the Earth
What is it worth?
Playing a tune
To the full moon
Watching with wonder as lightning makes thunder
Wish I could show you the spell that I’m under
Wish I could stay
For just one more day

Sailing away
Wanted to say
The right words to you
Explain what I do
When nobody knows it then everyone shows it
When everyone knows it then nobody shows it
Make my amends
With all of my friends

Goodbye old home
It’s time to roam
Thanks for the phase
Of my childhood days
I’m out on my own, but I’m never alone
Grateful for everything that I’ve been shown
I’m whole with myself
And sharing the wealth

Verse 1: Final days in Chiang Mai, Thailand, 2 Feb 2014
Verse 2: Slow boat to Luang Pra Bang, Laos, 6 Feb 2014
Verse 3: Childhood home sold, Oct 2019

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