Confessions of a Single Man

I see a sparkle in your eye
I laugh as we playfully jab each other
I think this is leading to something beautiful
I want to nourish it but not smother

Do I want sex?  Of course I do
But I really want something more
Does she want the same?  I think she does
But sometimes I’m not quite sure

Uncertainty lingers and pollutes my mind
The worst part is simply not knowing
Should I escalate flirting?  Is this too aggressive?
Which of my feelings are showing?

I seek refuge again in the form of a pen
As I try to unravel my mind
The goal is quite clear, but not how to steer
As two dots connect, two others unwind

“Keep moving forward,” pleas my intuition,
“But not with she who brings doubt.
When you find a connection with equal affection,
You will see what this all was about.”

Gokarna, Karnataka, India

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