The Legend of Queen Lakshmi Abu

High in Mt. Abu, deep inside her Lake Abu, rested Queen Lakshmi Abu.  Lakshmi Abu, as a princess, had vowed to live a good life.  She inherited the throne when her father died at war with the Eagmen.  Lakshmi did not avenge her father.  She stayed true to her vow.  The Eagmen ever lingered.

Centuries passed,  and the Eagmen had all but forgotten about the old legend of King Eagon slaying King Ganesh of Lake Abu.  The children still played a game though called “Taunt the Queen.”  A young Eaglet being initiated would be urged to dip deeper, deeper into Lake Abu.

Young Rioche was determined to discover if there was any truth behind the ancient legend.  He developed an underwater breathing apparatus to dive deeper into Lake Abu.

The day he saw her, he understood.  He felt her sadness the day her father was slayed.  He saw that she took the higher path and did not seek revenge.

He incorporated this into his being.  But whenever he was asked, he said “Queen Lakshmi Abu was just a legend.”

And she was.

Mt. Abu, Rajasthan, India

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