Brocky the Dragon

Brocky the dragon
Lived high in a hill cave
Most dragons are free, but
This one was a slave
He lived in a prison
Of his own design
He lived in the prison
Of his own mind
He had a secret
That he wouldn’t say
See, Brocky the dragon
Was flaming gay

Life’s a little bit rocky
Thinkin “somebody cock me”

Brocky the dragon
In his purple hat
The other mean dragons
Called him a green lil fag
Brocky the dragon
Played tit for tat
Brocky the dragon
Fucked all of their dads
And you better believe
Brocky fucked them bare back
He fucked them so hard
That they all shat

Life’s a little bit rocky
You should try consensual cocking

Brocky the dragon
He was quite sad
It didn’t fulfill him
Revenge fucking dads
He wanted love and
Sought a partner finder
But medieval times were
Way before Grindr
So Brocky the dragon
Went to San Francisco
Because he knew that’s where
All of the LGBTQIA+ kids go

Life’s a little less rocky
Maybe tonight you’ll get lucky

Brocky the dragon
He got his drag on
He danced and he sang and
He partied until dawn
He brought home a boy toy
Who lit up his fire
All of the foreplay
Built up his desire
He reached for the cock
To complete the hunt
But all that he found was
A scaly cunt

Life’ a little bit rocky
It’s hard to find cocky

San Francisco, California

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